All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

This morning my hostmom ironed my nice pants and my nice shirt, and I put on a tie and dress shoes. I walked to the metro, rode for thirty minutes, and got off, in search of my internship’s offices.I had an address in mind, I knew it was sort of behind the Parliament building.

They ambitiously hang the EU flag outside their parliament building. Well played, Georgia, well played....

Google Maps didn’t show that the street in question was uphill the entire way. I paced the road looking for the right address, but all I could find was the Italian Embassy and nearly every ministry of the Government of Georgia.

Finally, I tried to go in, but an exiting guard shut the door in my face and pressed the buzzer, saying “Use that.”  As I tried to explain to him in Georgian, “I don’t speak Italian!” a tinny voice beckoned to me from the wall-mounted box.  Finally, I answered it, “Gamarjobat, inglisuri itsit?”  “Okay,” said the voice.

“Hi, I don’t speak Italian but I am looking for the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies.”  “Okay, I come.”  A young Italian guy came to the door and explained to me that they had the same address but that the entrance for the GFSIS was in back.

I found my way to the correct door, and entered, seeking out someone I could talk to about tomorrow.  See the tricky thing is, everybody wants me tomorrow.  The teachers all come back from summer vacation and my hostmom/principal wants me to start planning lessons with them–something I am happy to do.  Even more exciting, Nino wants me to come to Kutaisi tomorrow to serve on a panel answering questions of the new group of teachers who arrive tomorrow (today!?).  Of course, my internship also expects me to start working tomorrow, complicating matters.

I hoped to talk to Tata Tsereteli, my intern boss, today to resolve my questions about the job.  Of course, just like the teachers, the entire GFSIS is on summer break until tomorrow.  Not knowing what else to do with my schnazzy self, I decided to go find some WiFi and make the most of my time downtown.  Of course, that means I am now sitting in a McDonald’s drinking a coke and browsing the internet, somewhat aimlessly.

But all is not lost!  I am enjoying myself and probably am looking pretty good, bedecked in my tie and fancy shoes.  And, check out this funny comic!

I like these guys! They're punny.

Also, in the spirit of rambling and getting rid of some photos, check out this poster from the KGB Cafe I usually go to for the WiFi:

It says "The American Way of Life" and then lists crime statistics about how frequently thefts, robberies, and murders (all apparently perpetrated by gangsters) take place in America. Well played, Soviet Union, well played....

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