German Thai Suppe

This weekend, two of the TLG volunteers got married!  As such, everyone came to town to celebrate and get together for a TLG group 2 reunion!  The ceremony was at 3 pm downtown at the town hall and Pauli arrived via train from Batumi at 4.  I heard the bride was a little stressed by the huge amount of people and attention she was getting so I opted out of the wedding.  Sorry, dear readers!

However, before meeting Pauli, the newest Batumi Superstar, I went with Max, Helen, American Paul, and Bill to the Tbilisi Sea where we had a grand old time lounging on the stony beach.

Max was doing his best to “look like a douchebag” and succeeding quite nicely

Definitely succeeding.

and Bill was drinking a cold can of peas

"I don't know what's wrong with you guys! This is not weird!"

when everyone decided to go for a swim.  I was not properly dressed (Shame on me, I know), so I guarded our things while the others swam.  As Max got out of the water to join me ashore, this guy came over and sat near us asking Max, “Is it cold?”  The stranger proceeded to take off his tuxedo shoes (Yes, he came to the beach wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and tuxedo shoes) and go in the water, all the while looking to Max for approval as he did underwater push-ups and the backstroke.

Before long he decided he was done playing in the sea and that it was time to woo some ladies.  He proceeded to lie down in the dirt between us and these three relatively attractive Georgian girls who were tanning.

It is a bit hard to tell, but he is about two feet from these women.

As he was lying in the dirt, inching slowly towards them, he sang quietly to himself/to them in Georgian.  They scooted their towels away, but that was not enough to save themselves.  Oh no, not nearly enough.

It's hard to tell from this photo, but he is about six inches from the closest girl at this point.

These girls were alternately sleeping/looking away as the drunk(?) guy got close enough to give them butterfly kisses.  The apparent primary target girl woke up suddenly and irritatedly turned away from him, sitting up.  We marveled at the bold cowardice of this man trying to approach three young women on the beach by rolling through the dirt towards them while murmuring folk songs to himself.  Has anyone else tried this method?  Does it work?  If so, I’ve been playing my cards wrong and I owe this man an apology!

Bill managed to get one of the girl’s attention and pantomime, “We can beat him up for you if you want us to.”  The girl laughed and shook her head, conveying, “No, no, he’s just crazy.  We can handle him, thanks!”

Fast-Forward a few hours and Pauli arrived!  There was much rejoicing to be had!  Pauli and I are good friends and I was/am very glad to have him visiting!

He was sad to hear that he missed the wedding entirely, because he had brought a nice shirt and tie combo but could no longer use it. That is, until we decided, “Hell with it, let’s wear ties!”

A few days ago I was in a supermarket with my friend Rhonda and we wanted to buy some soup.  All we found was some German Thai Suppe, but we could not read the label.  I tried calling Pauli to ask him if German Thai Suppe had any fish in it.  He did not answer.

Anyway, I talked to him later and promised him that if he came to Tbilisi that I would buy him German Thai Suppe.  We were on our way to Max’s temporary apartment and we decided to stop in to the German grocery store to buy a quick bite to eat before the whole group went out to the bars and clubs.

As promised, I bought Pauli some delicious German Thai Suppe, which, as it turned out, had no fish in it.  Rejoicing all around.  We arrived to the joy of our friends (most of whom had not seen us with our haircuts and lack of facial hair) and cooked ourselves some suppe.

Pauli and I are eating suppe with arms linked (hard to tell) and sporting our dressy shirts, ties, shorts, and athletic shoes combo that had Tbilisi going wild all night long!

(What a terrible photo of me that is!)

Suppe craving satisfied, we joined in the revelry at Max’s apartment and engaged in much “Arm-Linking Horn-Drinking,” as I like to call it, and chugged horn after horn of wine.

Pinkies Out!

With many beers and wines in the men and the women, we headed into the night to begin our successful evening on the town!

Stay tuned for more soon!

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