All Quiet on the Western Front

So I’ve got about fifteen minutes to pound this out, let’s see what I can come up with!

First and foremost, the title here has a few significant meanings.  The first is the name of the novel cum film All Quiet on the Western Front. I recommend it.  I think I’ve seen it, anyway….  It’s about a bunch o’Germans in WWI.  Old classic, if you ask me.   (I have seen it.  I won’t spoil the ending, but I’ll tell you there’s a butterfly!  Butterfliegen! [Pauli, I know that’s incorrect, please forgive me!][It’s for you, Lauren and Jill!])

Secondly, for a brief and (hopefully) unnecessary history lesson, WWI was fought mostly on French and Belgian soil.  Not true.  But the Western Front refers to the trenches that ran from Switzerland to the Sea.  The Eastern front is a different story entirely (Hint: All’s not quiet!).  What relevance does any of this have to my adventures in Tbilisi?  None!

In fact, it’s merely my signifier of a temporary hiatus of my Georgian adventures.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving–A major American holiday wherein we Americans get together and eat Potatoes (Joanne!), Corn, cranberry sauce, stuffing (as pseudo-condiments they don’t get the honor of capital letters), and, most importantly, Turkey!

My parents are divorced.  Dad loves Thanksgiving because he loooves cooking a big ole Turkey.  One year he let his fiancee’s family cook the Turkey.  He anxiously peeked at it to make sure it was OK and paced helplessly through the kitchen.  I won’t say the Turkey was terrible, but Dad won’t be letting anyone else cook the bird for many years to come.

Thanksgivings with my Mom tend to be a bit non-traditional.  Mom always hated Turkey as a dish (Let’s get real, it’s probably why they got divorced in the first place) and so isn’t a huge fan of the holiday.  Purely for culinary reasons!  I’m sure she enjoys the camaraderie and history of the holiday perfectly well.  If we’re with Mom for Thanksgiving we usually eat out or take a road trip to Canada!  This year takes the cake though.  We’re going to France!

I’m leaving my apartment to find a cab to France in about ten minutes and so I’d better get my boogie on!  Is that a phrase?  Is this an appropriate use of it?

I’ll be in Paris from 11 am Parisian time tomorrow (the 25th) until I touch down in Tbilisi again at 3 am on Monday (the…29th?).  I’m really pumped and can’t wait to see my family!  My Georgian family and I did a photo shoot this evening so I would have some pictures to bring my family and show my families to each other.  They were adorable as they strutted their stuff and modeled their fanciest housewear!  More on that another day, those cuties!

Today in school, Raughley rambled on seemingly aimlessly, I taught a bunch of classes about Thanksgiving, writing phrases such as “Mayflower,” “1620,” “Plymouth, MA,” and “1492,” on the board.  Then I would have a student volunteer come up to draw a Turkey on the board.  They would ponder and struggle and finally produce something that at least looked pretty bird-like.  I’d thank them and seat them and then teach the class the easy (and awesome!) way to do it:

I changed it up a bit and had them write things they were thankful for on each of the Turkey's feathers. Also, I would gobble at them to help them understand what kind of bird I was talking about. It was a magical day.

I was pretty exhausted all day as Cristen Bauer, a regular celebrity guest on this blog, left for Madrid last night at 2 am.  She crashed here for about twelve hours before catching a cab to the airport.  As Spain is a notable non-combatant in both World Wars, All’s Quiet on that front as well.  Good job, Spaniards.  Way to rock.

I shall return sometime next week with stories to tell of Martvili Thanksgiving, Paris Thanksgiving, Ninjas, Dragons, and doubtless more topics.  I’ll miss you, Georgia, but I’ll come back Monday.  Stay cool in my absence.  I wouldn’t want us to grow apart.

(Too melodramatic for a long-weekend away?  Survey says…?)


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