What I Did on My Winter Vacation

When we got back from winter break, naturally we made all our students write short essays about what they did on their holiday vacation.  Out of deference to my students, I think I ought to do likewise.  Also, I spent my break pretty well, if I may say so myself!

My dad’s girlfriend has been living with us for going on twelve years.  Or something like that.  Let me do some quick math…okay, so maybe just about ten years, but the point remains, she’s been a part of the family in all but name for a good long while now.  Last Christmas Eve, Dad and Dana finally announced their engagement over dinner!

Now, they didn’t know exactly what they would do for the wedding itself.  There were basically two options: Big affair at home with a tent in the backyard sometime in the spring or a smaller destination wedding Christmas 2010.  Very quickly they had decided on holding the wedding in some tropical locale, which opened up a new question: All-inclusive resort or DIY house rental?  We ultimately rented a house on the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

This was our view. Not a bad choice, eh?

A destination wedding, however, meant that not as many people would be able to intend.  Everyone got invitations, of course, but few were expected to come.  As luck would have it, everyone decided they could use a vacation and we wound up with thirty guests!!

This is the view from our swimming pool. No kidding.

So we spent the week surrounding New Year’s driving up and down the steep hills of St. John, avoiding Wild Donkeys and remembering to drink right, stay left.  On New Year’s Eve we held the ceremony beside the pool on our patio.

Waiting for the bride....

I’ll spare you the dozens of photos that my aunt took on my camera (Thanks Aunt Marie!) and just post a few gems.

Here comes the bride!
In the state of Maine lawyers can marry people! Dad married John Rogers to his wife Lisa Lemieux so John returned the favor for Dad and Dana.
Check out the backdrop. This is a real place.
The end of the ceremony resulted in lots of photos being taken with the beautiful sunset in the background.

After the outdoor ceremony we all moved indoors for the barbeque reception complete with cupcake tower in lieu of a wedding cake.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Dad and Dana opted for a cupcake tower courtesy of...Bea's Bakery? Lisa brought the plastic tower. And wait...what's that atop the cupcake tower? A bride and groom figurine?
A Georgian bride and groom!! Good conversation starter!

The guests trickled out, catching cabs and ferries back to where they were staying throughout St. John and St. Thomas, and the rest of us continued to party until midnight, when the fireworks booming distantly on the horizon signaled bedtime for the weary revelers.

Sibling Piggy-Back!!
One of the less debauched photos from the evening. I never knew how well my dad could dance.

Once I got back stateside, I made a sweeping tour of the country visiting friends and family!  I visited all of the lower 48 and Alaska!  Just kidding!  But I wanted to just give a brief shout out to all those I got to see, especially my extended family in Baltimore!

My mom’s side of the family is all from the Baltimore area.  In fact, Mom and Myles are both natives of Baltimore and I spent a solid seven years living there in my youth.  Nana sponsored my US tour and was gracious enough to host me in Baltimore over Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Weekend.  I took the train up from DC on a Friday and we went out with Auntie, Uncle Steve, and Cousin Elizabeth to an excellent French restaurant.  We swapped stories of our lives of late and spent the next afternoon watching the Ravens-Steelers game at the cousins’ house.

I’m not a huge sportsfan, but I do enjoy watching the odd game every now and then.  Best plan ever?: Watching a football game with Nana.

“Oh, that poor man. Why are they allowed to do that to him?”

I highly recommend rounding up your bebia and plopping her down in front of the superbowl or world cup (Super Bowl? World Cup?) just to have the unique pleasure of ushering an elderly woman through a sporting event.  It’s wonderful!

We also found a dragon in the Caribbean!

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