Kitchen Revelry

So I’ve been officially called out by multiple parties on my blog negligence this semester.  I admit that I got lazy/complacent in the past two months and haven’t written very much or very often.  That said, we also hadn’t really had any adventures until recently.  This past weekend, for example, was six days of adventure-filled madness!  Unfortunately, since I’ve been a lazy ass I have to write about old stuff so that I can get it out of the way.  Please know, dear fans, that I hope to have several updates done by the weekend.  I simply must!  More adventures are piling up so rapidly that I can’t let these wonderful, wonderful stories fade into my memory!  Trust me, it’s gonna get good up in here soon.  As a preview I’ll just say, Zoo, Skiing, Heel Clicking, Star Wars, and Another Music Video are all in your future!  Get pumped!


Two (?) weeks ago now there was a big party in Zugdidi!  Is anyone really surprised?  Naw.  The occasion was the half dozen birthdays that fell right around then.  Lukas, Hannah, and Yev all had birthdays on or around that particular weekend!

Courtni and Qwenchia moved into a house of their own on the outskirts of Zugdidi and decided to throw a Fajita party for the birthday-kids.  We all had basically arrived in Zugdidi by Friday night to “help” Courtni make the tortillas for the fajitas.  That’s right, we had an authentic Texan behind the wheel when it came to the tortillas.  Not bad!

And we had an authentic Mexican rolling the dough flat!

After sitting around and idly having some wine, we offered our services to Courtni.  I rolled out the dough for a few tortillas before Damon took over for me, vastly improving the speed and efficiency of our crude assembly line.  Pauli stepped up to the plate and began cooking the tortillas on the stove.

If there was a line of Pauli Action Figures, this one would come "With Flipping Action!!!"

Courtni was making the dough and prepping the vegetables.

Get it done!

While the rest of us swapped movies and music, the Texo-Germano-Mexican team remained hard at work.  I now present you with a montage I call, “Hands.”

Chopping Peppers
Smashing Dough
Flipping Tortillas

Pauli was a particularly inspired chef!  He kept writing messages and notes on the tortillas.  I’m pretty sure that every one he made had some nice surprise for its consumer.  Pauli was frequently inspired by the things around him.

I wonder what inspired the creation of this "Joannecake"?
Ohh! There's the inspiration! And yes, Pauli is wearing a Cyber Crime T-Shirt.

Meanwhile, on the other, less productive side of the room…

We're just minding our own business, listening to the Arctic Monkeys, and drinking bad wine!
Okay, so it might seem like Tom's drinking a lot more than the rest of us. Maybe he was, okay?

Okay, there are like a hundred photos from this kitchen and I can’t really think of anything more to say about it for the moment.  I’ll let the pictures (and my captions) do the talking for a little bit.

Me and my better half sharing a laugh!
Anglo-American DJ Team!
My two favorite Potato Heads!
Tom doesn't get much face-time on the blog here and I happen to have several decent photos of him. I think I'll do him the favor. Or, as he might say, "favour."
Pauli and Damon were soon tasked with cutting up a chicken into tiny bits using scissors. How's it going Pauli?
Courtni was really the star of the weekend. She threw an awesome party and did so with a smile the entire time!
Joanne didn't want our multiple chins to show in this photo, so she's kindly holding them in for both of us! Also: Looking adorable.
Our other gracious hostess, Q, was there hanging out with us too!
Liis and Yev arrived on a late Marshrutka from Tbilisi! Liis is my loveliest Estonian friend. It was her birthday yesterday! That was another part of this most recent, awesome weekend!
Liis gets a birthday punch to the face!*
Pauli, my favorite.

Now, I’m not really at liberty to write much more about the weekend at this time.  That’s mostly unfortunate for you.  I will reveal that much of a fantastic, nearly-complete music video was shot the next morning.  I can’t tell you what it is, but I can show you a few behind-the-scenes production photos that should whet your appetite!

Lookin' like a badass!
And no, the title of the video is not "Roli-Poli vs. the Pedophiles."
Pondering bad-assery.

Holy crap.  There are still like two hundred photos in this folder.  I don’t have any more words to say really.  I will point out that the video was filmed on Satur-day and the Fajita party was on Satur-night.  I refuse to talk about the scandals of the party and I’ll save most of my photos for blackmail.  That said, let me give you a quick photographic highlight reel of the evening!

As birthday boy, Lukas suffered many humiliations that night. I'll spare him further, permanent, online humiliation and only post nice pictures!
This is my buddy Dan and his girlfriend Kate! I worked with Dan at Georgetown one summer for Housing. He was reading my blog one day (or several consecutive days) and decided that he wanted to give this teaching English in Georgia thing a try! Having recruited him, I get a finder's fee once he successfully complete's one semester!
The other nice thing that happened at the party is that Damon proposed to his girlfriend, Maiko! It was an excellent addition to the already revelrous atmosphere! Unfortunately those thoughtless jerks are waiting until August to get married!
Marissa, Joanne, and I painted Mexican Moustaches on our fingers in Damon's honor! These are the happy, curly moustaches. We also had serious, straight moustaches.
Pictured here.
Grady and Joanne come from villages nearby each other. Despite how this photo makes it seem, they're not dating! Not even a little!
Even though Max looks like a drunken fool in this photo, I really like it. In fact, maybe it's because Max looks like a drunken fool!
Part way through the evening Joanne and I discovered our own personalized tortillas! Sadly, Marissa did not have one handy. Always thinking, the three of us devised a solution and wrote "Mari" in beans! Thus was born the Bean Plate of Friendship!
While some of us engaged in innocent bean-play downstairs, Tom was upstairs itching for a fight.
Luckily Kate was up to the task!
Unluckily, Kate was not as capable as we'd all hoped....
I'm gonna round this post out with two epic and strong photos. This being the more so of the two. Yev is really good at making that one face. Other faces, not so much....
Having suffered enough indignities for one night (the results of which can be seen on his shirt), Lukas is determined not to let anything else bad happen (evidence of which can be seen in his clenched fist).

So there you have it, my friends.  One mediocre, short, photo-heavy, and mildly censored story of the Fajita Party of days gone by.  I promise the posts will get more involved and interesting in the near future!  That said, I hope y’all (Hey Texas fans!) enjoyed it anyway!

*Note: No Estonians were harmed in the making of this post.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Revelry

  1. Muahahaa guys I see your having great time there. Im very happy for you! I couldnt manage it, Poti killed me with permanent power cuts, cold unheatable room and not the best relations with some family members. Ok, I just got bored there, now Im in Paris, so if going by, let me know;)
    Looking forward to next stories with illustrations here and everywhere else;)

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