Georgia is Not Enough

So I have an idea regarding how to tackle my Turkey problem.  Here’s the problem: I want to share my adventures in Turkey but I am overwhelmed by how many and how great they were.  Here’s what I think I’ll do.  For the more book-learning amongst you, I’ll kindly direct you to Part II of Turkey over in Marissa’s blog.  It’s a lovely retelling of most of our adventures once we got in to Istanbul.  (Of course, if you’re really quite far behind, you’ll probably want to catch up with Part I first!)

Someday I hope to tackle the rest of our Turkey adventures in full, but for now I have too much on my plate.  Too many awesome Georgian adventures that are quite fresh in my mind.  I’m gonna go with the excuse that some distance from the events will give me greater circumspection when it comes to Turkey and that the post-quality will greatly benefit with further mulling and thinking (Truth is, I have writers’ block and precious little time!).

So here’s my proposal.  Without the prior knowledge or consent of my dearest friends I’m going to go ahead and upload a video I made for them as a surprise Easter present.  I took a couple hundred (poor estimation) of the photos we’d taken and put them together in a little video I like to call Georgia is Not Enough.  We had been hashing out plans to make a James Bond-themed music video for a couple weeks and I took it upon myself to covertly make a tribute video to our trip abroad instead.  They were shocked when I showed it to them.  They certainly didn’t expect it and were overwhelmed with laughter and tears.

Now, I don’t expect any of my readers to have the same reactions as many of the photos evoke specific memories or in-jokes (especially in-jokes!), but I thought I’d share the video here as it includes all of the best photos from our trip and it will give you a sense of the breadth of experiences we had in Turkey.  I hope you will enjoy it and get even a modicum of the pleasure out of it that we do!  Let me know what you think of it!

Here’s the actual link:


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