Raughley Goes Back to Georgia!

And so the adventure begins again!

At this very moment, I am sitting in my bedroom in Cumberland, ME, staring across the room at the pile of clothes and books and miscellania (miscellanium? miscellaniae?) that awaits sorting, choosing, and packing.  I fly to Tbilisi tomorrow.

My Wet, Hot, American Summer has treated me very well!  I showed Marissa around Southern Maine, lived and worked at an academic summer camp in Baltimore, visited DC twice (on the second occasion I showed Nino [the Nino!] around a little!), spent a week with Marissa touring around Texas before she went to Hong Kong (Cristen and Marissa, I miss y’all already!), and returned home for ten days of relaxing and hanging out with my friends and family.  All in all, not so bad!

Now, I have dozens of stories from the summer that are likely worth selling (…odd typo…), but I’ll dole them out at my discretion as the semester advances.

Like I said, tomorrow I leave for Georgia.  This year is going to be completely different from last.  Though I return with TLG and likely in the capacity of a teacher at my favorite school, #175, I will not be living with my host family.  They were the loveliest people and treated me so, so well.  I am currently apartment hunting for reasonably priced flats almost anywhere in Tbilisi.  The exciting news about that is that I’ll be sharing an apartment with Angela!  Crazy!  This is surely to lead to unexpected stories and shenanigans, but only time will tell.

Shameless shilling: Anyone know any apartments or have one I can rent??

I anticipate visits from some of my dearest friends this semester, as well!  Lauren is coming in the fall, as is Maki.  Haven, you OWE me a visit.  Lindsey?  Any word?  Mom?

So without any further delay, I must pack!  (By “without any further delay,” I obviously mean “without any further delay due to blog-writing”)  I shan’t write again until I’m in Georgia either safe and sound in my own apartment with my own internet, or back at my favorite haunt, Entree!

Caucasia, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Raughley Goes Back to Georgia!

  1. Wow, what a twist! One question: what motivated you to go back?

    See – there are not many people around (from the west) who could handle Georgia’s realities such a way that they are willing to go back for another year. What really makes me happy is to see that these who do so are really best, bright and honest people – you, Neal, Charlotte. You are those who Georgia _really_ needs in this particular moment.

    But still – what happened?

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