Blog Post #116

I’ve done quite a bit of writing here.  This is my 116th post, as many of my more astute readers my have picked up from the title.  Unfortunately, I have no direction nor idea for this post–just some inspiration.

Basically, two things are going on here.  I want to brag about my siblings a little, and I want to share a very nice video with all of you here on the series of tubes we lovingly call the internet.

I have frequently mentioned my siblings before (especially in the previous post) but I don’t know if I’ve really given them their due.  Let me just take some time out of my busy, busy, busy day to give a shout out to Rebecca and Myles Nuzzi–two of the coolest kids I know!

Yes, we are a very pretty family.

Becca lives and works in DC.  She works for the Senate.  She used to be an intern, but now she’s a real person!  She gets paid real money!  She has a real job and a real life!  I’m still kind of in shock.  Not that I didn’t think she could be so accomplished, but rather because it’s impressive by any standard!  What’s more, she ran a wicked fast marathon about a month ago despite having a broken hip and foot, and tendonitis.  (I’ll just leave the details out so it sounds even more impressive!)  But seriously–Becca’s one of the beastlier people I know!  She’s also eaten a live fish and gotten thumb surgery in China.  Did I mention she’s damn good at Chinese?

And I literally learned THIS VERY MINUTE that she gets anything she wants hand delivered to her desk from the Library of Congress. No joke.

As if you weren’t jealous enough already, let me tell you about my baby brother.

Myles was always a loving, gullible child.  We let him win at “Who Can Punch Themself in the Face the Hardest” when we were younger and he happily put gum in his hair when I suggested it once (Out of sarcasm, not malice!).  That didn’t stop him from growing up into the most talented (and tallest!) Nuzzi.

Not only can Myles play trumpet super-well, but he started singing when he got his braces on (don’t worry ladies, they’re off now!) sort of as a side-hobby.  Since then, he’s become the biggest diva in school (and I mean that in a good way!).  He Greased things up recently as John Travolta and was one of eight high-schoolers nationwide invited to sing during all of Grammy Week.  Let me say that again: Myles is going to sing in Hollywood at Grammy-related events.  I’m not even kidding.(Scroll down, he’s one of the bass singers in the chorus about halfway down the page.)  Myles gets to attend the Grammy Awards AND sing at events like Paul McCartney’s induction into Musicare.  That’s a $1500/plate charity dinner in honor of Sir Paul McCartney.  And Myles will be singing there. Un. Be. Lievable.

He's also the biggest pimp ever. This isn't a photo from the Greely High School production of Grease, no. This is a photo from a typical Tuesday for Myles.

So yeah, those are my uber-talented, hyper-awesome, incredible siblings.  I feel so lucky that they’re mine!  Maybe I don’t tell them this enough, but I’m really, really proud of them both and constantly in awe of their accomplishments.

And with that sap out of the way, I want to close this post with some shameless self-promotion.  Check out this awesome video of me and some pals performing at the CTY 2011 Talent Show at Johns Hopkins University!  Enjoy, folks!


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #116

  1. Hmmm. I think these people look and sound familiar. Where do they come off doing better than their parents? I am SO PROUD you wrote this blog!


  2. Aww I just read this. So sweet! We really are pretty awesome. One day we’ll look back on this post for the E! True Hollywood Story: Myles Nuzzi – From Blue Hammer to Superstar

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