Georgia Year Four: A Bedroom All My Own

It’s a funny thing, my apartment.  A beautiful old Imperial balcony atop a thousand year-old fortress wall.  The building slants, the ceiling is a little cracked, the shower drains poorly, and the kitchen floor is a bit of nasty old linoleum, but I love it all the same.  In the years (Crazy!) that I’ve been living here, I’ve made a few improvements here and there.  Some of them were little changes, others were fairly major.  (Definitely click that last link too.  In case I don’t decide to repost some older photos, you’ll want it as a reference)

This semester, I committed myself to redoing my living room!  It wouldn’t take much doing, I convinced myself.  Just a little furniture shuffle here and some art hanging there.  Well, three months later, I’m finally done!

The renovation of my apartment’s primary room happened in fits and starts.  First and foremost, was to decorate a little.  While walking around the Dry Bridge Marketplace in September with Pauli and Vivien, we found an informational pamphlet that appeared to be introducing President Jimmy Carter and Vice-President Walter Mondale to the Soviet public.  Obviously I had to buy it.

It languished on my refrigerator for a long time.  Until one nice weekend when I passed the frame salesmen on Rustaveli Avenue.

President Carter.
Or, as he was known in those days Президент Картер.

This was a very simple step towards making the apartment more livable.  But I had grand plans!

The next bit would be to get another three large frames to hang up some nice artwork I had bought in DC this summer.  While visiting for a few days, Tamuna and I spent one morning with Angela, Vijay, and Katelynn (Talk about a Motley Crü!) visiting Eastern Market and getting some souvenirs.  There was this great section full of retro posters and I bought two from Maine!  One is a buoy, part of a series commissioned to showcase painters from each state, and one is an advertisement from the 1940s extolling the state’s virtues as part of a Come to New England campaign.

The other, major frame I would need was a painting of Old Tbilisi that the art teacher at my school did.  It’s really nice, but really huge and getting it framed was always going to be a hassle.

I never found frames for my Maine posters, but I came up with a clever solution of framing them with nails!  I measured them out and put nails in just the right spots so that the nails would stick out about a centimeter (or less) and hold the paintings in place.  It really worked out well!

I still wasn’t finished, though.  The room still felt to crowded.  The furniture took up all the space and my bed was right smack in the middle of it all.

And that Refrigerator blocking my dresser. God! So inconvenient!

Just kidding, that was a photo from when I repainted the kitchen.

Here’s a normal shot of the apartment, sans paintings, sans furniture-in-nice-places. You can see how it’s a little cramped.

One evening, I decided to just say “Screw it!” and revamp the entire layout.  I didn’t want my bed in the middle of the room anymore.  I didn’t want that TV we never used.  I was tired of having to weave between all the furniture just to get anywhere in the darned place.  So, it was time to change everything!

Tada! It’s like I have my own little bedroom now!
Here is my big landscape painting in it's lovely new frame!
Here is my big landscape painting in it’s lovely new frame!  Also, you can see that I’ve gotten rid of the TV, bought a blanket and a lamp, and set up a pair of night-table areas for me!
View from the balcony, of sorts.  But these reforms are more than just functional–they’re also skin deep!  Check out the decor on my table!  Not on is there a table cloth, but there’s also…
Decorative postcards! Here’s a brief description of them:
I got four postcards in a cafe in Copenhagen in December and two from a Wurst place in Leipzig. They are written in Danish and German, so here are the meanings-

Top Row- “You are the Best!”, A classic view of the Mtkvari in Old Tbilisi, “Sausage Loving Partnership”

Middle Row- “Smile When You Sleep”, “Flying Sausage”, “Which Ought YOU to Wear?” (A British Propaganda postcard from WWII), A ticket to the Strauss & Mozart Konzerte that Marissa and I went to on Christmas Eve 2012

Bottom Right- “Will You Have A Child With Me?”

I also took it upon myself to decorate the hall and the kitchen!  Check these out!

Some more Churchill Museum Postcards and a call to action for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943
Some more Churchill Museum Postcards and a call to action for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943

And lastly, my Christmas present from my brother brightens our kitchen, our newly-renovated kitchen!

Walter White and a Traditional Georgian-costumed Bottle Opener!
Walter White and a Traditional Georgian-costumed Bottle Opener!

So, there you have it!  My newly done apartment in all its glory!  Can’t wait to do the next little project (Maybe repaint the living room?)

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