Funemployed: The End

The past few weeks have been extremely bittersweet for me.  The short version is this: I got a job!  In the US!  But I have to leave Georgia!  And my friends and kittens!

The slightly longer vision is this: After a long and tiresome four months of searching, I finally found a job with a finance company that helps refinance public debt.  They wanted me to start right away, so I moved back to the US last week.

Prior to leaving, I had so much to do and see.  I needed to pack my things in every possible permutation, decide what to leave behind, and make sure I had everything I needed – money, chargers, a non-hidden-from-me passport, etc.  Then came the worst part, the goodbyes.

I started things off with a visit to the host family.  Tina was sick and Ilia was sleeping, but one of them managed to rouse herself and we had a lovely little suphra with all my favorite Georgian foods (Gupta!) and some bitter black wine.  I even took a stab at explaining government bonds in a mix of Georgian and Russian.  I was successful!  With an understanding of the type of work I would be doing, Tina disappeared into her room for a moment only to reemerge with a set of gold cuff links and a tie clip.  As my mother Tina would say, “WwwOW!”

The next day, a Sunday, I arranged to sell my bass guitar and used the money to treat all my friends to dinner at the wonderful restaurant across the street from my house.  It was a lovely send off that I won’t soon forget.  Loads of Georgian food and beer, excellent company, and fond farewells!

Finally, my last night in Georgia was upon me.  I had to reconcile with the fact that I would be leaving Cosmos and Bailey behind, that I wouldn’t be able to watch Halloween 3 or The Walking Dead with my constant Georgian companion Morgan, that I would never again live atop a thousand year-old fortress wall.  It was a tough night!  We managed to have one final epic cooking event, though with Keti and I whipping up an amazing spaghetti with two kinds of sauce!  Cheesy garlic mushrooms and a delicious spiced meat sauce.  As my mother Mom would say, “Two words: De-lish!”

The next morning it was up early for our final shared mugs of coffee and a taxi ride to the airport.  At the airport I had to do something I haven’t done in five years: exchange all my Georgian money for dollars.  Then I left on a jet plane.  Don’t know when I’ll be back again, but I hope it’ll be before too long!

*Note: I haven’t yet said where I’ve gone, but the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that the title of this blog and its cover photo have changed!  See if you can spot the difference between this photo and Tbilisi!


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