This blog is intended to chronicle my adventures, musings, and ramblings during my time abroad in the republic of Georgia.  It won’t always be about Georgia per se, (heck, it won’t even always be coherent or good, for that matter!) but it’ll always be fun for me!  I’m always open to critical feedback and love hearing from readers, so don’t be shy!

So, that’s my old “About” page text in its entirety.  Looks like I wrote that the day after I arrived in Georgia for TLG.  A lot has changed since then, but I intend on continuing this blog to recount my post-Georgia adventures.  Though the address will remain the same (raughley.wordpress.com), the Title of the Blog has been changing lately and will continue to change in the coming weeks!  I’ll use it to announce where I am.  Or, more professionally, I’ll retitle it something more permanently relevant.

Maybe something like “Raughley Goes” or “The Raugh-nderer” or “Go, Raughley. Go!” something equally witty and appropriate!

7 thoughts on “About

    1. Dear Molly,

      I am familiar with Eurasianet and enjoy it greatly! Unfortunately, I have been forbidden from being interviewed by the press until the Georgian Ministry of Education tells me otherwise. They have said that they will get back to me with or without permission as soon as possible. I hope to be able to discuss the wonderful experience I am having here soon. Thank you for your interest! In the mean time please continue to enjoy my blog!

      -Raughley Nuzzi

  1. Dear Raughley,

    I work for an audit and advisory firm, member of international network. We are planning to organize business English classes for our employees at our office.
    Would you be interested, please respond. I’d be glad to give you the details.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Raughley

    I`m Nick from Georgia, young student of Tbilisi State University. Please contact me via Email after you read this comment. I`m preparing for presentation in English with the subject of “Culture Shock” and I`ll be glad if you help me by answering some questions (so I will ask you some questions and your answers as a visitor of Georgia will be what I`m gonna analyze and talk about while holding presentation).

    Thanks for attention

  3. Hey,
    I’m interested in doing the Teach and Learn program in Georgia and had a couple questions. If you can, I would love to talk more over email.
    Thanks so much,

  4. Hello ,i am sorry to disturb but have to ask for a great favour .i am a student and now i am writing my thesis on topic native and non-naitve enlish speaker teachers .and if possible i would like to ask you osme quesitons aobut TLG program and send you a questionnaire .i would really appreciate it .
    best regards ,
    i am forward to heairng form you and get your help

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