An Absurd Life

I live an absurd life.  I really do! I think about that a lot, actually.  The mood strikes me randomly, though it's usually inspired by some overwhelmingly fantastic view, smell, sound, or experience.  When I'm walking down a narrow street in Old Tbilisi and glance up at the hills reminding me that I'm in the … Continue reading An Absurd Life


Funemployed: Cats!

Walking around Tbilisi it's easy to see the vibrant art scene by observing the ever-rotating roster of theatrical posters stuck on construction sites around the city.  In October there was Animal Farm.  More recently there's one with an artistic umbrella-carrying dancer.  There has never been Cats.  Not since I've been here, anyway.  CUE BAIT AND SWITCH! … Continue reading Funemployed: Cats!