An Absurd Life

I live an absurd life.  I really do! I think about that a lot, actually.  The mood strikes me randomly, though it's usually inspired by some overwhelmingly fantastic view, smell, sound, or experience.  When I'm walking down a narrow street in Old Tbilisi and glance up at the hills reminding me that I'm in the … Continue reading An Absurd Life


Welcome Back

It's strange coming back to the United States after living abroad for so long.  Yes, I've been back and forth throughout my time in Georgia, making regular trips to work summers in Baltimore and coming home for occasional holidays, but there's a difference between visiting home and moving home. That said, I have moved home, … Continue reading Welcome Back

Funemployed: Cats!

Walking around Tbilisi it's easy to see the vibrant art scene by observing the ever-rotating roster of theatrical posters stuck on construction sites around the city.  In October there was Animal Farm.  More recently there's one with an artistic umbrella-carrying dancer.  There has never been Cats.  Not since I've been here, anyway.  CUE BAIT AND SWITCH! … Continue reading Funemployed: Cats!