The Adventures of Le Pup

Last week I went up to Maine for a bit.  Sadly, my mom's dog Lucy had been hit by a car and I was heading up to help out.  Some lady had hit Lucy while mom was checking her mail.  Mom had Lucy on a leash, but somehow the driver didn't see her and ran … Continue reading The Adventures of Le Pup

Glory to Ukraine

"Do you want me to bring you anything from Georgia?" she asked. "Should I bring anything from Germany?" he asked. "Do you guys want anything from America?" I countered. Our international meet-ups require a lot of pre-planning, but not the type you would expect.  We didn't do any reading about Lviv.  We didn't plan out … Continue reading Glory to Ukraine

Georgians in America, Part II

A funny thing happens when you spend four and half years living in a foreign country--you start seeing it everywhere you go.  Some instances are deliberate: Scanning the stage of the Miss Universe Pageant to find Miss Georgia (Yes, I watched a few minutes of the Miss Universe Pageant).  Others instances are foisted upon you by … Continue reading Georgians in America, Part II