Funemployed: The End

The past few weeks have been extremely bittersweet for me.  The short version is this: I got a job!  In the US!  But I have to leave Georgia!  And my friends and kittens! The slightly longer vision is this: After a long and tiresome four months of searching, I finally found a job with a … Continue reading Funemployed: The End


Mister Master Cometh!

I'm sitting here in the living room, chilling with my landlady, and waiting for Mister Master.  Nino has brought me a brand-new chandelier that is barely peaking out from the sheet she wrapped it in.  Looks nice and crystalline! Here in Georgia there are loads of handyman services.  My good friend Renata tells me that … Continue reading Mister Master Cometh!

Once again I’ve written for the Official TLG Blog! Check out my thoughts on Recess!

Making a Difference

Probably not many people have heard of Amos Bronson Alcott, though many will likely recognize his daughter Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women.  I for one, had never heard of him until I began giving some thought to a passage in a recent post.  Alcott was an educator and a philosopher in the early 1800s in Boston, Massachusetts.  Though radical at the time, the concepts that Alcott developed are in line with the current Western education standards the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia strives to achieve.  Teaching by encouragement, art education, experiential learning, and tolerance in schools are clearly on the agenda for MES and have already begun to take hold in schools throughout Georgia thanks to TLG and the other educational reforms being enacted.  One of Alcott’s important concepts that has gotten precious little attention thus far is the idea of physical education/recess. …

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