Mister Master Cometh!

I’m sitting here in the living room, chilling with my landlady, and waiting for Mister Master.  Nino has brought me a brand-new chandelier that is barely peaking out from the sheet she wrapped it in.  Looks nice and crystalline!

Here in Georgia there are loads of handyman services.  My good friend Renata tells me that in addition to the Mister Master company, there’s another one called Husband for an Hour.  These are men who come by your house and offer to basically fix whatever is going wrong.  This house is in dire need of a few repairs.

Nino is now very carefully hooking the dangling spangles on the new chandelier.  It comes with some nice little bits of glass that hang down.  They’re shaped like tiny little christmas trees!  How festive!  Also, this chandelier has six light bulbs!!!  This place is about to light up like nobody’s business!

And so, now we wait.  We’ll chat in Russian/Georgian.  Nino will look around and judge me. I will feel self conscious about the full trash can or about my short sleeves in the house.  Such is life!  Such is Georgia!


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